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Ethical Zoos

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Zoo Ethics [Jul. 28th, 2006|11:16 am]
Ethical Zoos
Later today, I decided that what I needed to spend my time doing was contemplating a code of ethics for Zoos. Why? I felt that without some kind of order, a guide of sorts. How would a Zoo know what is to be expected of them. After many hours I came up with the following. Clearly these are my ethics and I felt I was fair in choosing them.

1) Never hurt an animal sexually or hurt them for any reason.
2) Never associate with Bestaility or those whom practice it.
3) Turn in people who abuse animals.
4) Support animal shelters.
5) If you view Zoo porn, don't keep it on your hard drive (notice I didn't say collect it).
6) Refrain from cussing on public forums (Image is everything).
7) If someone asks your help (how-to) be nice and help if you can.
8) Keep your Zoo lifestyle out of the public eye (for everyones sake stay underground).
9) Remember that you represent Zoos directly and indirectly.
10) Speak out if Zoos are doing things, that might be constrewed as promoting a bad image.
11) Never be vulgar or over demanding to animal owners. Treat them with respect. Without animal owners whom share, most of you will never experince what Zoo is about.

Zoo Ethics 12/26/2004 Edited 1/10/05///ReEdited 7/14/06

My Blog and more info @ http://dpsblog.blogspot.com/
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DP's ZooCode 1.3 [Jul. 28th, 2006|11:13 am]
Ethical Zoos
I created this code after seeing the silly BS that someone copying the Geek Code came up with that was more complicated than how the universe was formed.
This one is simple, easy to remember and doesn't require hours to translate or create. I added a few designations in 1.3 for types of animals interested in or owned. I hope to see more people using this code.

Begin Code:-------------------------snipe--------------------------

ZF=Zoo Female
ZM=Zoo Male
ZFF=Zoo Freindly Female
ZFM=Zoo Friendly Male

Include number after one of the above 4 choices of Zooness to denote how long you been a Zoo or Zoo friendly.
(Like this ZF10) = Zoo female and Zoo for 10 years. Do not use a "/" to seperate until next choice

Use and extras:

Follow the letters and a number with a "/" and another number to denote the age of the person.

So if a person's code is ZF10/35 that means that the person is a Zoo female, for 10 years and is 35 years old.


Next add another "/" and "G,Bi or S" to denote your personal sexuality with humans.If you do not engage sexually with humans please put a "&" in this place like this: ZF10/35/&

OtherWise it will read:
ZF10/35/Bi Zoo Female for 10 years. Is 35 years old, Bi-sexual.


After the Sexual orientation add a "/" and include either your animal interest or animal owned. Please sellect only one (if you have more than one, choose your favorite).

Example: ZF10/35/BI/H - - - This reads Zoo Female for 10 years, 35 years old, Bi-sexual and is interested in horses/donkeys or owns horse/donkey.

After the animal interest or animal owned, add a "/" and include a location abbreviation. So the above example reads like this:

ZF10/35/Bi/H/AZ - - - This reads Zoo Female, for 10 years, is 35, Bi-sexual, interested or owns horses or donkeys and lives in Arizonia.

You can omit any information by adding a "#" between the "/"s. Such as the following example.

ZF10/#/Bi/H/# Which reads Zoo Female for 10 years, Bi Sexual. is interested in horses or donkeys or owns horses/donkeys. No age or location specified. You should always keep the correct format of "/"s in your code for clarity.

End DogPhux Zoo code 1.3:------------------Snipe--------------------

Hence forth this version will be called the "DogPhux" code of course and version 1.3 .
Copyright @2004 DogPhux, Revised 7/17/2006
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Notice [Jul. 25th, 2006|10:17 pm]
Ethical Zoos
I will not allow links to non-ethical Zoo sites or pay sites. If you want a link posted here I will view the link/site first.

I will not tolerate spam in any form. I would like to see this develope into a nice friendly Zoo community with people whom have the same ethical interests.

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Hello All [Jul. 25th, 2006|09:17 pm]
Ethical Zoos
I created this site for those over 18 that have in interest in Zoophila. Ethical Zoos is about people engaging in Zoophilia with a sense of caution. Caution to know what A Zoo is, to pratice Zoophila in a way that is less morally wrong to non-Zoos.

It is our job to be careful and not let our names become frontline news. To teach those who want to learn. To share our concerns in a positive way.

If you think you are a Zoo, please look at the website blog http://dpsblog.blogspot.com/ .

Welcome all,

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